School of Rockupy is a project of Occupation Records and Occupy London.  Offering the tools to young people to express the issues important to them, the School of Rockupy aims to empower young people to take on and inspire their world through music.  Utilizing the general assembly model and consensus process, the students of the School of Rockupy decide on the message and the means to get their voice heard.

Using Occupy London’s consensus decision making process, young people are working together to decide what kind of song they would like to write, what kind of issue they would like the song to address and why they think that issue is most important to write about. They are working in four different groups focusing on:

  1. Song Writing and Performance with Kate Nash
  2. Sound Recording and Engineering with Sam Duckworth (Get Cape Wear Cape Fly)
  3. Album Artwork and Packaging Design
  4. Press and PR with Ronan McNern (Occupy London) and journalists from NME

The entire process of a single’s purpose and production are carried out and decided by the students with artists and occupiers offering support.

Twitter: #schoolofrockupy


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